and the bad luck keeps coming...

Okay this is seriously getting ridiculous!!  You know your luck isn't in when you glue your foot to the damn floor!  Yes I really did say I glued my foot to the floor...(Dont ask, trust me)

AAAAAHHH I so cant sleep at all, I'm like a kid on their 1st day of school, WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? Oh this sucks so so so so so so much...I wish I could just get tomorrow over with already!

And the crap continues...

YAY!!!  I got my nursing course, got the last place too, I’m so delighted I could scream.  Unfortunately I cant even go out to celebrate coz I’m starting in the morning, ah well could be worse.  I’m not even sure if I’d be able for a drink tonight, am so sick it’s not funny!!  Who I ask you gets a windpipe infection!????  Only I would catch something so ridiculous.  Anyway thanks to said infection, I’m going to end up starting my nursing course sounding like I just smoked 60 B&H and with killer heartburn to boot.  Why does God hate me??

To top all this off my piece of crap car has decided to pick now to start acting up!!  I swear if it doesn’t start in the morn I’m gonna sell it for scrap!

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I hate Sunday’s.  Why are they always so horrible??? 
The only thing exciting about them is that its race day and then Hamilton goes and gets himself penalised and hands the race to Massa!!!!  AAAAHHH!!  And poor Nico only came 12th!  I’m so annoyed!  To top it all off, I’ve realised I’m turning into my father who always gets in a mood if a sporting event doesn’t go as he’s planned.  My whole day is ruined now :(

In other news, I have my interview for my nursing course tomorrow and  If I get it I’ll be starting soon so fingers crossed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day than today...

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Looking for a beta

Hey guys,
if anyone would be interested in helping me out with a few of my f1slash fics could you let me know coz I could so use a hand with them :)  They're mostly short ones and I generally dont have them that often (I'm not the most inspired person)  anyways if you're available to spend your time helping me sort out my crap let me know...

Cheers xx

I'm working on it...honest : )

Hey people!!
Please be patient with me I really am trying to fix up this page, this is what happens when you have a really bad memory and fail to write down passwords :(

Let this be a warning to all you people with a memory as bad as mine, WRITE THINGS DOWN!!!!!!!

Anyways, hopefully will have this journal running properly in the next week or so...

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I is back!!

I can't believe how much of a tool I am!!! I forgot my passwords for my account and my email so now I've had to open a whole new account!  DOH!  Thankyou white_puma1 for your brilliant idea of just opening a new account or i would probably still be sitting here banging my head against the wall!! 

Anyhowz must dash and once again, yes I am a complete tool!
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